Alim Programme

Dars Nizami is a traditional course of study followed by the ulama. The curriculum allows you to acquire broad and deep knowledge of the Shariah. Equally, there is an emphasis on the development of skills that would allow you to become an independent learner so that you may access the sources directly, read the classics unaided and analyse accordingly.

Programme objectives

  • In-depth knowledge and appreciation of the din
  • Exemplify the knowledge in action to the highest standard
  • Preserve knowledge for the future generations

Course structure

Each stage is divided into two areas; subjects that are knowledge-driven and subjects which are skill-driven. There is no duration specified rather one must acquire competency at each stage before advancing forward.


Core knowledge
  • Tradition: Quran and Hadith (Zad)
  • Fiqh: Nurul Idhah, Quduri
  • Aqa’id: Tahawiyyah, Usul Din
  • Adab: Qasas, Qira’at Rashidah
Core skills
  • Qira’ah: Jazariyyah
  • Sarf: Safwatul Masadir, Ilm Sayghah
  • Nahw: Ajrumiyyah, Hidayatun Nahw
  • Ma’ani: Sharh Mi’at Amil
  • Insha: Arabic Tutor
  • actions and morals are consistent with the shariah
  • broad knowledge of fiqh, aqaid and the Islamic traditions
  • fluency in reading and comprehension classical Arabic


Core knowledge
  • Quran: Jalalayn
  • Hadith: Riyadh, Mishkat
  • Fiqh: Nuqayah, Hidayah
  • Aqa’id: Nasafiyyah
  • Adab: Qasas, Mukhtarat, Nafhah
Core skills
  • Usul Quran: Fawz, Ulum Quran
  • Usul Hadith: Nukhbah
  • Usul Fiqh: Usul Shashi, Nur al-Anwar
  • Numerics: Siraji, Zukhr Muta’ahhilin
  • General: Teaching, writing and oration
  • actions and morals are befittingly representative of the Prophet
  • in-depth knowledge of Quran, hadith, fiqh, aqa’id and usul
  • Validate the reliability of a claim said to be part of the shariah


  • Sahih Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Sunan Abu Dawud
  • Jami Tirmidhi
  • Shama’il Tirmidhi
Selective Focus
  • Sunan Nasai
  • Sunan Ibn Majah
  • Sharh Ma’ani al-Athar
  • Mu’attayn
  • actions and morals of the Prophet are internalised within
  • source-driven knowledge which links the shariah directly to the primary source
  • Apply and defend the shariah in existing and upcoming conditions.