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Beauty does not last; character does
By Hakim al-Islam Qari Muhammad Tayyab
Mu'jizah al-Ilmi in Khutbat Hakim al-Islam - v.1 p. 116
Translate by M. Saifur Rahman Nawhami - 1 Mar, 2012

Intelligent deed is that one beautifies their character rather than their appearance for that is the reality of a person. As for appearance it is temporary. A person’s appearance becomes ruined when they reach old age. The colour and complexion does not remain which was there during the youth; it is lost in old age. Even if one does not reach old age, beauty is still lost if one befalls some calamity, has some concern or even an illness. The features do not remain nor does the colour. So, appearance is of no real consequence; character is of true value.

Our young brothers diligently spend day and night concerned about their appearance in that let us improve - fix up, look sharp. However, this in realty is negligence. The amount of effort spent on improving the appearance, if that effort is exerted on improving one’s character to what height a person may reach.

Why concern [yourself] regarding appearance? How will you improve that which was created to become ruined? The nature of that which is to ruin how long can you improve? Every day you will spend hours on hours grooming [and] by the evening it would have been ruined. Thereafter the following day you will spend another whole hour and again it will diminish. How much can you maintain that which is born to be ruined?

  • Type: Note

  • Subject: Akhlaq

  • Author: Qari Muhammad Tayyab Qasimi

  • Translator: M. Saifur Rahman Nawhami

  • Collection: Ijtima

  • ID: 120301501

  • Updated: 05-November-2023