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Zad #4: المجالس بالأمانة
By Mft. M. Saifur Rahman Nawhami
5 Jumada II 1438 AH / 4 March 2017 CE

المجالس بالأمانة


Trans: Gatherings are enjoined with trust

Vocabulary -

Majlis pl. Majalis (ض). Lit: a place of sitting. It is an ism zarf from julusan. Majlis here refers to the gathering or meeting of people.

Bi is a harf. Lit: with. Its primary function is to join one thing to another. Read Sharh Miat Amil, to find out more about its secondary meanings.

Amanat pl. Amanāt (ض، س). Lit: to rely, protect and trust. Trust in a gathering will be termed confidentiality.

Tarkib –

Majalis is Mubtada. Ba is jarr and Amanat is majrur; jarr and majrur combined form muta’alliq of thabitun which is a shibh fi’l. The shibh fi’l with its muta’alliq becomes jumlah fi’liyyaah which then is a khabr. Mubtada and khabr combined form jumlah ismiyyah khabriyyah

Explanation –

Gatherings are enjoined with trust and so it must be upheld even if it not explicitly requested. If you are in a private gathering or meeting, confidentiality and trust are automatically implied. There is no need to say, ‘Do not spread what we have discussed’ as that should be assumed by default. Unless there is actual harm to someone in keeping the secret, one should not leak or spread the content of a meeting or gathering without permission. A gathering need not necessarily be physical rather private messages between individuals or within groups will also be considered a trust and should be kept confidential.

  • Type: Note

  • Subject: Arabic, Zad al-Talibin

  • Author: M. Saifur Rahman Nawhami

  • Collection: Notebook

  • ID: 170307501

  • Updated: 07-November-2023